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Our Services

Join us at Colts Marketing and let's turn your passion into an enduring career. Take a look at our entire list of services provided to help ensure you get the most out of your career within athletics.

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Licensing and Brand Management

As an athlete you need to treat your athletics career like a business and at Colts Marketing we will help you develop, promote and protect your athlete brand and provide management and licensing services to ensure you’re always put first and earning from your own brand image.

Website Development

Take your athlete marketing and brand to the next level with a professional website. A website is essential for athlete marketing and branding, it provides a dedicated space where athletes can effectively communicate their story, accomplishments, and values to a global audience. It acts as a dynamic showcase for their journey, helping them connect with fans, gain recognition, and secure valuable commercial opportunities that can propel their career to new heights.

Career Guidance

We provide guidance and opportunities for your long-term athletic and post-athletic career growth. Athlete Career Guidance is a specialised service dedicated to helping athletes navigate their careers from start to finish on and off the track. From personalized planning to skill development, networking, and general management and guidance we are here to help.

Social Media Management

Social media is a crucial component to athlete marketing and growing your athlete brand. Our team at Colts Marketing are here to help with a complete strategic marketing plan ensuring you succeed, We can craft compelling athlete brands that resonate with fans and sponsors alike, giving you the recognition you deserve.

Endorsement Opportunities

We can help source and unlock lucrative endorsement deals with top-notch brands and maximize your earning potential.

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